A Bear Of 400 Pounds Stood Between The Toddler And Mom. What The Dog Does? WOW!


What happens when a black bear sauntered into the yard of three year old Harper? Her dog Chief happens. Chief is a rescue dog. One of three that live in the home. Chief, along with his two companions, protected young Harper from the bear and chased it away into the woods. Harper was in her backyard playing Wednesday morning when the bear appeared. She screamed for her mother, but before her mother could get to her, her dog Chief sprang into action. He attacked the bear, grabbing it’s leg and pulling it away. The other dogs joined in. Harper’s mother Emily picked up Harper as the dogs pulled the bear away. Police were contacted, but will not put down the bear unless it poses a serious threat to people and, as of yet, it does not. This bear has been seen in the area numerous times, but usually only at night. This is the first time the bear has been seen during the day.

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