A Border Collie Professional Dancer


In this video, a Border Collie dog and its owner dance to “The Last Unicorn” by America. The dog follows what seems to be perfect choreography, and it seems that a lot of work had been put in this performance. When she bends and spins her hands in a certain way, the dog spins as well. When she lifts up her hand, it does likewise–with its paw. At one point the woman brings out her leg, and the dog hops. She bends forward with both hands up, and it jumps right pass her head. The dog does not seem to be entirely following her behavioural cues. Instead, it responds perfectly to key moments during the song. There is therefore asynchrony in behaviour between the two dancers sometimes, but they are both perfectly synchronous with the song.
Border Collies are famous for their active lifestyle and phenomenal smartness. They challenge their owners and need a lot of mental stimulation. As such, they make great partners if their owners are attentive enough to them. They make great professional dancers, also.

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