A brave girl’s response to bullying


A brave girl’s response to bullying
Here is Ashley’s response to those who could only see facial acony and blemishes but could not see through her beautiful inner personality. It is a powerful message for all those out there who made fun of her on social media. According to Ashley, she had to bear the disappointing and disheartening comments in large numbers on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She Was Cyber Bullied For How She Looked Without Makeup. People regarded her ugly and unattractive without realizing how hurting their comments would be for her. But in her response, she is confident, vibrant and determined as always because she does not care about what others think of her. She firmly believes in herself and her abilities and is least about the people’s superficial comments about her looks. She came out very strong, responded to the negative comments and faced all her bullying fellows like a brave girl.

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