A Cat Jumps Off the Kitchen Counter Because of the Toaster


Even cats who have lived among humans and human appliances for their entire lives aren’t entirely used to what human appliances can do, as this scaredy cat surprised by a toaster America’s Funniest Home Videos effortlessly demonstrates. The cat is calmly sitting on the kitchen counter, sniffing around and not really suspecting a thing. The cat seems to be ignoring almost everything else in the vicinity.

Suddenly, the toaster goes off, and the cat literally leaps into the air. Naturally, the cat leaps right off the counter in the process and lands on the floor. The video is all the more amusing because the cat doesn’t even make a sound during the whole episode. Indeed, the cat’s reaction was entirely due to body language, and it appears to have been entirely natural. The video closes with the sound of people laughing at the cat’s predicament. Comedy relies on surprise, and the audience should be nearly as surprised as the cat.

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