A Father Pushes For Changing Tables in Men’s Rooms


Many fathers have no doubt noticed that men’s public bathrooms rarely have changing tables, which can be very inconvenient for them. The fact that these changing tables are usually available in women’s bathrooms also speaks volumes about the fact that women are expected to change diapers more than their husbands, even though both parties are parents.

The father in this video might help change all that. When he couldn’t find a changing table in several different bathrooms in a Macy’s department store, he wrote to the CEO about the situation in an effort to get changing tables in men’s bathrooms. This frustrated father’s letter could actually inspire a new movement. This movement would also be an important cultural indicator that would help signify that men are important parents too, and parenting tasks do not just fall on women. Movements have to start somewhere, and there is nothing wrong with them starting with a frustrated father’s letter.

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