A Little Boy Was Lying In The Bathtub. The Pit Bull’s Reaction? A Real Hero!


In the second book in the famous Madeleine series — Madeleine’s Rescue — the title character is rescued by a stray dog after falling into the river. Such heroic rescues have happened in real life too — a young boy named Trey Daniels, who lives in Monroe, Ohio, has a special bond with the family pet, a pit bull named Ember. This helped dog had been adopted through a rescue organization the previous year, and Trey’s attachment was obvious from the time the Daniels adopted the animal. “She obviously was attached to Trey more than anything,” says Trey’s father Tony.
Just recently, Trey had a medical emergency. Ember just came into the parents’ room and sat next to the bed as if she were groveling. She led the mother, Tracy, down the bathroom where she found Trey’s legs hanging over the side of the bathtub. Trey was having a seizure, and medics rushed him to the hospital. This story, which was broadcast on Fox News, is one of the most touching ever.

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