A Little Girl’s Wish Leads to a Military Reunion Surprise


Ah! To have one’s dearest wish come true is totally possible when you are surrounded by all things Disney. A little girl named Alyssa wants to see her dad who has been stationed in Afghanistan. With Snow White leading her to the fabled wishing well Alyssa is happy to speak her wish aloud.

Her mother encourages her to close her eyes as she makes this wish. Snow White stands by Alyssa’s side and little brother Liam and other family members are close by with the mom keeping a camera handy. It may not be apparent to little Alyssa but to everyone else it is quite obvious that some magic is about to take place.

Suddenly the dad is speaking to his little daughter. Alyssa runs to give her dad a happy hug as he steps into view. This is a military reunion surprise that calls out to the “child” in all of us. If you believe in happily ever after then this video is one that will bring you to tears as you share in the joy of wishes fulfilled in the Magic Kingdom.

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