A Portrait of a Wounded Soldier


Many soldiers do not get the attention that they deserve from the media. This Kyle Hockenberry Profile video from theGary Sinise Foundation RISE (Restore Independence Support Empowerment) may help change all that, assuming that it inspires many similar videos.

This profile video seems very much like a documentary. It has the reverent background music that people would expect. It features various interviews from the people who have known Kyle Hockenberry, including members of his family. The interviews are formatted in a ‘talking heads’ style, which documentary viewers will surely recognize, and there is a great deal of emphasis on photographs throughout the video.

The video also forms a clear narrative arc, which is still a very important part of documentaries, even though they are ideally not fictional stories. The famous actor Gary Sinise himself appears in this video, and his star power might help draw more people in to see this video and other videos like it.

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