A story that will never be forgotton


It is said that elephants have long memories and that they never forget what things. Well this baby elephant will never forget his adventure when he was younger or the people that played a part in his rescue. Filmed in Kenya the rangers found a baby elephant that had fallen into a well. The poor guy had small wounds on his head due to the fall but other than that was in good health. Since animals tend to come back for their young, the rangers secured him to a tree making sure he had water and shade and stood watch over him, waiting for his family to return.

They wanted to keep him safe so they kept watch in hopes that the family would return but almost gave up hope when nightfall was quickly approaching. As the baby elephant heard the sounds, so did the rangers and they quickly led the baby elephant in a game of chase in order to bring him closer to his family. When they got the little guy close enough without putting anyone in danger, he heard his family for himself and proceeded to run towards them. He was greeted with open trunks and welcomed back into the herd. He will never forget his little adventure and will probably share it with all his family and friends.

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