Adorable Dog Gives an Old Trick a Twist on National TV


It is not a secret that dogs are able to conduct a variety of different tricks; they just require the proper training in order do so. Yes, any dog can learn a trick, but there are some dogs that are able to steal one’s heart away, as they have a special something that is able to transmit a vibe that is of unique nature. This video isa perfect example of this.
In this video, which has been watched by more than five millions individuals, you will watch a man with a dog who appearson the Late Show with David Letterman. This dog’s name is Baily Beagle. His owner mentions thathe isthere so that his dog can ‘play dead’ on national TV.
From the start, you may think . . . that is a very simple trick, and we couldn’t agree with you more, but there is something very special about this dog. The way he plays dead is funny and unique,and thus, you will want to see it again and again.
Go ahead and watch this video so that you can see what we are referring to. We invite you to share it with every friend you have on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to rate it!

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