Adorable Talking Twins Have Fun In Their Cot


Adorable Talking Twins Have Fun In Their Cot
The early days of life are often the cutest, and this video shows two five-month-old talking twins who were keen to get to know each other in their cot.

They start by just looking at one another, not sure what to make of the situation, but they soon begin to make noises to each other. They quickly get into it, and both of them become really excitable by the end and smiley.

After a while, the baby on the right reaches out to touch the other on the arm. He seems to be the more active of the two, and attempts to make most of the conversation while the other twin prefers to listen.

We would need a baby translator to work out what these two little darlings were saying, but from their responses, they seemed to be having plenty of fun. What a fantastic moment to capture on video for the parents of these two adorable babies.

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