After Rescueing Flora The Horse, Lawmakers Decide To Take Action


We’ve all seen rescued dogs time and time again – they’re nothing new. The same could be said of cats and even rodents to a degree. One thing you rarely hear of and nearly never see is a rescued horse. Unlike dogs and cats, adding a new horse to the family is no small endeavor. Flora, a recently rescued horse has made a quick and full recovery, going from ‘skin and bones’ to happy and healthy over the course of seven months. Animal abuse happens all too often and, after the shock of an animal abuse case involving a municipal politician, lawmakers decide it’s time to take an additional step toward a brighter future for animals by creating an animal abuser registry, saving more animals than what we already do and, according to one lawmaker, reducing the occurrence of spousal abuse, due to the odds of animal abusers fitting in with this category. The SPCA reminds everyone that they’re always willing to help with abused animals.

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