An Animal In Pain Was Found. What This Man Did to Him? Incredible Transformation


Some people are dog people, while some are cat people and there are some people who cannot be categorized and more often these people mistreat animals.
Yet, there are also some people on the other side of the spectrum who put the term human into humanity with all their determined efforts to assist animals in need.
Wilson Coutinho Martins from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is an example of a man who has dedicated all his life to save animals in horrible straights. Wilson recently came across a dog whose call for rescue was very dire and graphic; we have decided not to show you all the photos from this particular rescue.

We have seen a number of dogs in desperate call for rescue. However this was the worst case that we have ever seen. We excluded those images and censored others so that you can choose for yourself whether to view the content or not. We have included those photos so that you may see how miraculous this rescue was.

Though this story is heartbreaking, we show it’s important to give you such stories in order to draw your attention to this overwhelming problem and to inspire many people to become everyday heroes like Wilson.

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He found this dog lying in a field helpless on the brink of its death. The dog was in much pain and it was severely wounded that many people would chose to put it out of its suffering. We censored this photo; however you can click the image below to view the severity of the damage yourself.
He immediately removed his shirt so that he could dress the dog’s wounds. If he hadn’t made this decision, the dog could have died on that site.
Wilson has some veterinary training, tended to the dog on the spot.
However, he couldn’t manage the injuries by himself, so he decided to rush the dog to an animal hospital where animal health experts could treat the poor dog.
In the aid of the doctors and the dog’s unwavering spirit, the dog survived.
The dog started to heal after some time, even if the severity of the abuse was still highly apparent.
The dog began to grow its hair back after some time; also it started to become more comfortable around humans.
Now, it is very hard to believe this good looking dog was the one that Wilson found lying helpless in a field. Most people could have given up on it; however Wilson took his time to ensure that the dog survived.
This gorgeous dog is now healthy and happy, thanks to his efforts. However this is not the first time Wilson has rescued a dog in desperate need.
Previously to rescuing this dog, he once found another dog on the edge of its death. Without his help, the dog could not have survived.


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