Ariel the Dog Is Very Lucky To Be Alive


A cute puppy by the name of Ariel is going to star in this next clip. The dog as you will find out has been threw a lot. The poor canine had a very bad start in life and was involved in an attack by another dog. The baby girl dog was hurt very badly and was in need of being rescued. On top of that the dog was very skinny from not eating. She had matted hair and looked very bad.
But now thankfully Ariel is doing much better. Peta an animal rescue group has taken care of Ariel and nursed her back to health. Now Ariel has a forever home and even has brothers and sisters to play with. She enjoys swimming in the pool and going for long walks in the park. This dog is very lucky to be alive. Thanks to Peta she now has a full life ahead of her.

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