Australian Shepherd Says “Mama” Better than the Baby, for Now


Is there anyone who would not do anything for food? No, not exactly. Well, perhaps the baby in this video is an exception. A family films a baby and an Australian Shepherd dog in front of a treat. What is the main way to get the treat? “Say mama”. The Australian Shepherd is so eager that “mama” is repeated again and again. At the same time, the baby stays completely quiet. The dog slowly becomes more desperate, and the baby simply cannot do what he is supposed to.
Eventually the baby got annoyed and started slapping the dog (or was that petting?) to make it stop. If it doesn’t, the treat would soon go into the dog’s mouth. No way would the baby let that happen, even though he isn’t hungry enough for the motivation. Right after the baby touched the dog, the latter stopped saying “mama”. Good dog. Now if only the baby could jump in at the occasion.

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