Bikes are in on the Theater Prank


The Carlsberg company plays a great prank. A theater in Brussels plays a prank on innocent couples that went there to attend the movie. Instead of regular patrons they put a group of bikers in the theater. When the couple seeks a biker they have quite the reaction.
There are 148 bikers in attendance to see the movie. A couple walks in and takes the lat two seats. When they walk into the theater they are shocked. This prank is done on several different couples. Some walk out of the theater and some of the brave ones make their way through the bikers and take a seat. The couple that did take a seat where let in one the prank and got a round of applause from the bikers. They were also given a beer. Bikers can be nice people but walking into a room of 148 big tattooed guys can be a little scary at first especially when on a date.

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