Blue the Dog Saves Little Girl


For one lucky little three year old, her dog Blue turned out to be not just her best friend but also her savior. Little Victoria wandered away from her home on a bitterly cold February day. Searches spent 15 hours, long into the night, scouring the woods surrounding the little girl’s home where it was believed she had wandered. This story could have had a very sad ending if not for the child’s dog, Blue, a Queensland Heeler. According to Jeff Newnum, of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, the dog stayed with the child all night, cuddling with her and keeping her warm throughout the night in the frigid temperatures. When rescuers found her in a ravine, she was just a half mile from home, but the three year old could have easily succumbed to hypothermia without the warmth of her dog beside her. Her father, Ernest Bensch, and aunt, Kim Rayfield, are not surprised, as Victoria and Blue share a special love and friendship, no doubt made stronger by this ordeal.

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