Bo’s Amazing Transformation


Bo was once a stray dog in Etobicoke, a district in the western part of Toronto. Someone left this pup at a car wash station. And for seven months, the poor animal fended for himself. He scavenged the trash cans at night so that he can eat, and when it’s time to go to bed, Bo slept in a pile of junk. One day a good Samaritan sent out a call for help to one of Toronto’s animal rescue centers, The Dog Rescuer’s Inc.

In just a few hours, a group of volunteers gathered to help save Bo fast before the temperature drops below zero. Living in the streets made Bo a little hesitant to make friends with strangers. The volunteers luckily caught a break when Bo tried to eat the food inside the live trap they had set up. Thanks to all the kindhearted people who helped rescued this adorable and gentle dog. Bo is now well taken care of and enjoying life.

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