Brave Rescuers Help a Needy Wolf


This tells the story of the ancestor of the dog which is the wolf. This poor wolf was injured and was going to die if help did not come. He was in the water and cold and alone. These brave people are the only hope that this poor creature has.
The rescuers go right in the water and carry the wolf out. He is in such a poor state that he does not even try to resist. His heart stopped beating so the rescuers begin CRP and resuscitations on him right away. After what seems like a lifetime this wolf comes back to life and is taken away from additional care.
The poor baby is taken to an animal care center and spends some time in intensive care. He receives food, water, and much needed medical attention. After some exams he is ready to leave the emergency room and is allowed to go back outside. Thanks to the rescuers this wolf will be just fine.

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