Caught On Camera! Incredible Reunion With Beloved Service Dog!


Service dog Radar was lost for over four days.
His owners,Jason and Carolyn Cooperhad nearly given up hope. Not wanting to lose Radar forever, they reached out to a local news station to help them find their beloved family member.To everyone’s surprise and great pleasure,the dog was spotted on a hill about a half mile away just as the camera crew were filming!

Radar served a very important role in the Cooper’s family by acting as a service dog for Jason and Carolyn’s daughters, who have since died of the genetic disorder from which they suffered. As he served in their home he became an irreplaceable part of their family. “He’s one of the only souls who has the same memories and experiences we do,” Carolyn says, in reference to their daughters. That just goes to show the deep love and appreciation the Coopers have for Radar.

This is one story with a happy ending, and Radar, who gets his own Christmas ornament and present each year, will continue to bring peace and comfort to their home for years to come.

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