Clever Pit Bull Will Astound You With Amazing Tricks and Skills


Dogs are man’s best friend, but not because they give something back other than companionship. However, sometimes dogs can aid their human friends in ways that can redefine this relationship. Such dogs are often used to aid those who cannot see or need protection. The dog in this video, a pit bull, is smarter than your average guard dog.
The owner has trained the dog to perform amazing tricks. If she sneezes, the pit bull is fast to grab a tissue. Yes, from the tissue box. When they sit down to eat a meal, the dog is trained to say prayers before the meal. The hands go on the table and the head is bowed down, giving it the full grace posture. After “amen” is said, the hungry pit bull knows to scarf up its meal.
The dog can open and close drawers, and even grab the right items off the shelf. Special handles were installed on the cupboard to facilitate opening with the dog’s jaws. This pit bull will even close her door shut when its time for time-out. She knows how to exit when she hears affirmation from her loving owner.
This pit bull is also trained to put her toys in the toy box. Instead of causing a mess in the living room, this one helps the clean-up process. In all, these feats make the dog a valuable member of the household. That is, on top of the love and companionship found between her and the owner.

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