Convicted Driver Delivers A Powerful Message To Everyone Out There. You Need It!


The RMC Correctional Facility is in Florida, and that’s where Kris Caudilla is spending his time. Kris was convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing an accident that ended up taking the life of a good police officer. The guy is now serving 15 years in prison for DUI and manslaughter. You would hate to be in his position, and that’s why you must listen to him now!

The 26-year-old has decided to help others avoid committing the kind of mistakes he did, and now he’s teaming up with We Save Lives to reach out to people in bar patrons and give them a good piece of advice: You take a good look at yourself in the mirror and you decide on your own whether you really think you should drive a car after a drinking spree.

The message is presented in a very catchy manner that ensures that the target audience is attentive and getting it. It’s really nice to see that all the people reached out to are taking it positively. Good job, brother!
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