Couple Dies Hours Apart While Holding Hands- A True Love Story!


Ed and Florine, a couple from New York spent their lives loving one another and those around them. When this couple dies hours apart, it is no shock to those close to them who witnessed their love throughout the years.

When Ed became ill and hospitalized, they thought he would die within a matter of hours. He surprised everyone, waking up and requesting his wife, Florine. Little did Ed know, she had been hospitalized as well. When the two were brought together, this couple dies hours apart, holding hands and showing the world what true love is.

As they held hands on their deathbeds, it was Florine who went first. Ed died around thirty-six hours later. The picture of the couple holding hands remains a treasure their family will always hold dear. This couple dies hours apart and then speaks to the world, being buried together the day before Valentine’s Day. Though the couple dies hours apart, they are certainly spending an eternity together, enjoying their beautiful love! Share this touching video with your friends and family around the world!

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