Dad Takes Charge with Press ‘n Seal


Moms who leave babies home with dad usually return to find both baby and the house a mess. This dad left alone with baby seemsquite confident and immediately takes charge. The moment mom isout of sight, dad whips off his little girl’s fancyheadband and kicks back with her to watch TV. This smart dad uses Glad Press n’ Seal wraptocreate a lidfor abottle and line the high chair tray to make clean up a breeze.

Dadgets quite carried by his success, and while baby naps,he organizes and protects the entire house with Press n’ Seal. The scattered baby toys are whirled into a tidy bundle. One of his proudest moment seems to be when he Press ‘n Seals the remote to the arm of the sofa.Whenhis daughter wakes up fussy, dad isprepared as he has shrink wrapped the baby’s pacifier to his arm to keep it handy. Mom comes home to find the house totally organized with the help of Glad and a bit of ingenuity. In this case dad left alone with baby (and Press ‘n Seal) turned out remarkably well, although mom may not think so as she findsher belongings securely stuck to the wall.

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