Dani: Lost, Neglected, And Alone. Now, Vibrant, Alive, And Happy Through The Power Of Love


The Book was only half the story. Now find out the rest in this video
If you’ve read the book, “Dani’s Story: A Journey from Neglect to Love” you will now meet the people involved in this Heart wrenching story about a young Gil’s life that was savagely abused and let alone. Fortunately, she was taken in by a loving couple, the Lierows, through the power of love were able to begin the recovery process, and is well on her way to a real live filled with joy and happiness.

In 2005, Dani was removed from her mother who neglected her daughter so bad she could not speak except with grunts and animal sounds. She walked on her toes, could not drink from a glass, and had to be bottle feed.

This case caught the eye of the nation and was on Oprah as well as was the subject of a Pulitzer Prize article. Now see and hear for yourself in the very words of the family who took Dani in and changed her life by caring for her and giving her the love she had never experienced before.

You will see through this video the transformation that love can do in a person’s life and it will touch your heart and make you examine your life a bit more closely and give thanks for the blessings you have. Now she is no longer the girl in the window looking out at the world with no hope or ability to live in it. She will be able to now live a full and happy life, thanks to the power of Love.

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