Doctors save a frozen man when he is found in the snow


There are a selection of miraculous stories on the web that describe how people have managed to avoid death by the skin of their teeth. In this video we hear of a man who became frozen in the snow and was presumed dead when he was found later by the police.

In the video we get to hear the interesting story of a man who almost died but was brought back to life thanks to the magic of doctors and nurses who were at the scene of his presumed death. As he was taken into the hospital, doctors were going to pronounce him as being dead but one doctor felt that something wasn’t right and began working on him to get him back to normal. This included draining his blood and the CO2. However, miraculously he was brought back to life and 10 days later he was able to open his eyes and see his family. If you want to watch this video and hear about it , click the following link and if you like what you see, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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