Dog saves owner by detecting breast cancer. Unbelievable!


Dog saves owner by detecting breast cancer. Unbelievable!
People never just breed dogs for the sake of it. There is a reason why every dog owner has a dog. If you were to interview some of them, they will tell you that their dogs are their faithful companion, others will tell you how their dog do protect them, others how their dogs assume the role of a nanny and many more, you will receive endless answers.In Rochester, Minnesota, a woman by the name of Tara Leonard, claimed to have been saved from cancer by her dog. According to her, she was lying on her bed, together with her dog called Willow. All of a sudden, Willow started to bark and act peculiar on bed. He went on to sniff Tara at her left side. All this time, Tara was attempting to stop the dog, but all went in vain. While sniffing at her master, Willow sneezed on her. She got up to dry the sneeze, and that’s when she realized a lump in her left breast.She went for a check-up that same day only to be told that she had breast cancer. Had it not been for the dog, she would not have had detected the cancer earlier and as per the moment, she is cancer free.

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