Dog Shelter Volunteer Donates Dog Beds and His Friends


A young man who volunteered at a local pet shelter was a little saddened by the fact that the dogs seemed uncomfortable sleeping on the hard floors of their cages. He also was concerned that they did not look very happy. They would probably not really be happy until they got adopted, but that didn’t stop this young man from trying to make a difference in the lives of these dogs.
He went to a pet store and purchased at least 15 or 20 various shaped and sized dog beds. He then recruited several of his friends to return to the shelter with him. Upon seeing so many young, fun and active adults, the dogs perked up. They were all then taken outside with the human volunteers.
The transformation in their personalities was palpable. The dogs were playing, running, and most importantly, picking up a lot of hands on love. Enjoying the time with them also brought joy to the volunteers pals who were also totally enjoying the experience of sharing time with some four legged pals. Even an older dog, Sadie a boxer mix, was outgoing and playful.

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