Dream A Little Dream


Don’t you just love looking at your pet when they are asleep. Dogs and cats make the cutest faces when curled up on the couch, on our beds, or their own beds. Sometimes it is the only time that they stay still long enough for people to take those adorable pictures that are posted all over social media. There is more to a cute face when your pet is dreaming. In our next video, called “Dream A Little Dream” a Harvard clinical behaviorist explains that when cats and dogs are asleep they are actually dreaming. Are you curious what they are dreaming about? For the most part your cat is dreaming about hunting and killing prey. On the other hand your dog is typically dreaming about running, jumping, playing in general, and being loved by their human counterpart. So when you see your dog twitching you know it is a good thing. Just be wary when your cat wakes up!

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