Every judge has their own method of dealing out punishment


In the town of Painesville, Ohio there is a small county courthouse. It is here that most of the cases are solved by one judge, and that would be Judge Michael Cicconetti. He has his own method to dealing out punishment, and while it is not cruel it is within the law and it serves the community the best. The national average of repeat offenders is 75 percent. This is because most people committing a crime that repeat that crime are never taught that it is wrong, only told to pay a fine or serve some time. In this little town however the repeat offender rate is only 10 percent, an astonishing low.

He gives punishment choices such as jail time, or wear a chicken suit for a day. Or for a boy that stole a bike, jail time or ride a bike in a local parade during the entire length of the parade route. But it happens to be the judge’s unusual punishment for animal cruelty case has everyone talking. This lady happens to be a hoarder and had her pit bull live in this filth for a week, alone. The poor thing was found malnourished and dirty with mange. He is since recovering and up for adoption. The lady however had to spend 8 hours at the smelliest dump in the county, cleaning up garbage. It is surely a lesson she will always remember, especially since she was dumb enough to wear sandals to the dump.

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