Failed Service Dog Finds His Own Way to Help Those with Disabilities


Did you ever have high hopes for something, only to have your dreams crushed? Such might have been said for this very talented dog named Ricochet and the person who trained her, but instead something totally joyful occurred. While the dog originally seemed destined to be a service dog trained to help those with disabilities, instead, she found his own path – and rather than becoming just a failed service dog, she became something truly inspirational.
This video details how Richochet’s life path went. With her training beginning the day she was born, she learned to open refrigerators, turn on light switches, and do just about everything a service dog needed to do – and she did it well. The only problem was that she loved to chase birds, and it was so ingrained in her that she just couldn’t be broken of the habit.
Instead of losing a great service dog, however, what evolved was an even happier dog that learned how to surf! This “failed service dog” began to help and inspire people in new ways, surfing to raise money for the very people she originally was intended to help. Watch Richochet surf with, and earn $10,000 for a paraplegic, and so much more! This video proves that every one and everything has a purpose, even if you don’t know what it is yet — and watching this may even make you cry.

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