Firefighters Save the Day for Boo


For a moment, it might have looked hopeless for a fluffy dog up to his neck in freezing water. It takes dedication and caring to get a dog rescued from an icy pond. Luckily, the helpless canine got out of his predicament when help arrived in the form of rescue workers from two different fire stations in Delaware. Firefighters from the Cranston Heights and Elsmere stationsmaneuveredtheir way through the ice-coated water near Carriage Road in Greenville, chipping away at the surface ice with tools to reach the victim.
While rowing, they called to shore to ask what the dog’s name was, so that they could call to him by name and gain his trust.The firefighters told the scared,freezingdog that it was going to be alright and “Boo” answered by barking in acknowledgement.
As experienced rescuers, they knew just how to grab and secure the dog to pull him to safety,as well as warm him with towels to bring up his body temperature. Boo was then whisked away to get an emergency checkup by a vet to make sure he was okay. Fire Rescue workers do so much for their communities, whether it is a dog rescued from icy pond or other emergency.

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