Get Up Close and Personal With This Drone Volcano Footage


A drone is sacrificed to get some of the most amazing Volcano Footage on earth. When the drone takes off, it hovers over the smoky volcano and starts to film the powerful event. This impressive video is unlike anything you have seen before. The lava is bubbling around and you can tell that it is super hot! The people standing near the volcano have to wear protective suits in order to stay alive. These suits look like something out of a science fiction movie!

The drone fly’s over the people and down into the very hot volcano. While you do not see the drone melt, it surely did not make it back out of the volcano. The people flying the drone leave the area because it is simply getting too dangerous. They hike out of the brim of the volcano and back to safety. Please share this video so that others can see just how amazing this Volcano Footage really is.

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