Great Dane gets stuck in a tree


This video tells the funny story of Cora, a young great Dane who got stuck in a tree. When her owners came home they couldn’t find Cora anywhere. It wasn’t until later when they heard her whimpering that they saw she was stuck up a tree. Coras owner put a adder against the tree but it wasn’t long enough to reach her. She was very scared and wasn’t coming down by herself so they had to phone the fire department.

The firemen thought the call was a wind up at first but came to the house to help rescue the dog. They had to attach a harness to her and tried to lower her down. Some firemen also held a tarp underneath in case she fell. As they began to lower her down the stitching on the harness came apart and she fell. Her fall was successfully broken by the tarp. Cora walked away as if nothing had happened.

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