Great Marriage Advice Straight from the Heart of a Child


Who would have imagined that a very young child could provide great marriage advice to bickering parents? In this heartfelt video clip you can find the honest talk that cuts directly through all of the unnecessary “fluff” and addresses the core of the matter. A little girl named Jenna is upset because of an argument that involves her parents. Instead of crying, pouting or yelling this child shows more maturity, wisdom and grace than most adults. She takes her parents to task in the kindest possible manner and gives them advice that everyone should heed.

Jenna talks about keeping things honest and open, especially communication. She tells her mom that no one should try and put someone else down. Friendship is the key. With Jenna patiently discussing the situation it is easy to see that love and kindness should take precedence over ego and indignation. This little girl sums it all up when she speaks from the heart and points out that everyone should be friends. A little respect, love and kindness can solve most problems. Isn’t it strange that this child already has a better understanding of relationships than most married couples?

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