He Was Killed In The Line Of Duty. What His Dog Did? WOW!


The K-9 partner for officer Jason Ellis has never left his side, not even when danger struck. Officer Ellis, was killed in the line of duty and his dog stayed with his partner until backup arrived. Today they are laying to rest officer Ellis and once again the dog is going to be by his side. As the funeral procession rolls threw the cemetery gates, the dog K-9 officer pays tribute to his fallen partner. As the coffin makes its way to the grave site, the dog stands at attention. Officer Ellis was ambushed while headed home from work and was shot to death. The K-9 officer, who was brave in the life of duty stood fast next to his partner and best friend. This was very sad news for the family of the officer and many emotions are being shown at this somber occasion. For more information on this story, please check out the video.

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