He Was Shot In The Line Of Duty. When They Reunite? WOW!!


A recent run-in with a bad guy, has left one Police Dog injured. It all happened when officer RJ Young was pursuing a suspect with his service dog Bruno. The chase turned into a gun battle between the officer and the suspect. As Bruno was chasing the man, he turned around and shot the dog in the face. The dog never made a sound after being shot and returned to officer Young covered in blood.

After the shooting incident the dog was rushed to an animal hospital were a bullet was removed from his lung. Its has been touch and go, but the dog is doing much better now. Bruno is lucky to be alive and is expected to make a full recovery. After getting out of the hospital Bruno will be retired from the force and officer Young is going to adopt him. This is great news for both the dog and the man he calls his best friend.

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