Helping the soldier that helps everyone else


This is a short, but heartwarming video about a man in the military serving his country and putting the needs of his country above his own needs. While on leave Army Specialist Henry was enjoying his time with his family and his pet dog. The dog however was hit by car and needed surgery on his leg in order to survive. While this was certainly a tragedy for this man and his family, to make matters worse he was given orders to report to his next post in Alaska immediately. He had to leave his dying dog behind so he could serve his country.

The group that is mentioned in the video learned of the plight of this officer and stepped in to help. They got the word out and were able to raise the money that was needed for the dying dog to have surgery. They also paid to have the dog shipped to Alaska so he could be with his family. This goes to show you that the people in America not only love and believe in our soldiers, but are willing to help them as much as they are able to. If you like this video, you can see there are links where you can donate to the organization that helps animals like this.

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