Her Newborn Baby Stopped Breathing In Traffic. When She Did This? What A Miracle!


When Miami Herald photographer Al Diaz noticed a woman standing outside of her SUV in the middle of traffic, he wondered what was going on. The woman was screaming for help and in her arms she help a tiny baby. It appears that the baby, who was in the back seat of the car stopped breathing and the woman was in need of help.

Diaz spotted a police officer in the stopped traffic and ran to his patrol car to notify him about the woman and the baby. Then both the officer and Diaz rushed to the woman’s side to access the situation. While other motorist assumed that a car accident had taken place, luckily Diaz realized it was something much worse. The baby was still not breathing when the two men arrived so the police officer started doing CPR on the child and then a miracle happened. The baby started to breathe on his own! The child was rushed to the hospital were he is in critical but stable condition. Thanks to Diaz and the officer that came to the rescue, the baby now has a chance at recovering.

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