The fight struggle to survive starts early, with animals and humans too, it seems. In this YouTube video, a pair of twins struggles while still unborn and in the womb. The smaller twin is seated in the bottom right hand corner of the womb in the picture.
He or she seems to kick out at his/her twin’s feet and ankles. The gesture mimes “Give me more space, Move over.” The larger or more upright twin, opens his/her mouth, perhaps saying “Stop that!” This larger twin does not seem to budge, except toward the end of the video, when he/she moves his/her stomach.
This could be a gesture that says “I own this whole place.” But it’s difficult to tell for sure.
This short clip raises many questions, such as “Are these two boys- is that why the small one is being so aggressive?”
What if they are girl twins? “Are these two fraternal twins, or are they identical”? What will their future be like if one is already so dominant?
Another pertinent question is “Is this normal – does this always happen?”
Perhaps these two are not fighting at all.
None of these questions has a ready answer. It seems to be most clear that more studies need to be done into the lives of twins while they are still in the womb.

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