Hilarious Video Shows What Old People Do For Fun


This hilarious video gives a great idea of what old people do for fun. The comedy clip shows two old people in a rusty old car, making fun of another unsuspecting road user.

The old man is driving the car while the old lady pulls out a fake steering wheel and pretends to drive as well. Then, they pull up alongside another car and attempt to make eye contact. The old lady with her fake wheel “turns” straight into the other car to try and frighten the other driver, which works as the car tries to take evasive action before spinning off into a crash. The old lady can then be heard cackling with laughter at the result of her prank.

All the while, the tune to Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs Robinson plays in the background. Perhaps this isn’t truly reflective of what old people do for fun, but it sure is funny.

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