Hospitals mistake while treating baby girl


This video tells the heart breaking story of eight month old Nora who has a rare, severe form of cancer. Her parents took her to hospital because she was unable to move her legs. The hospital made a mistake and said that Nora had behavioural problems. They then decided that she had a broken leg. Finally the hospital found tumours growing on Nora’s spine and she was diagnosed with the rare cancer.

Nora’s parents and grand parents want to warn other families not to give up on getting a proper diagnosis until they are satisfied with what the doctor has said. Nora is now receiving the treatment that she needs at the new St John of God Hospital in Midland. It is thought that she is unlikely to be able to walk.

Nora’s mum and grandfather feature in the video and they are obviously very worried about her but are trying to stay positive about the future.

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