Incredible Footage of White’s Seahorse Giving Birth


The birthing patterns of sea creatures are often mysterious. Opportunities like this to see footage of them actually giving birth are so rare. Here, people can watch white’s seahorse giving birth in all the detail that they could want.

The seahorse is still swimming through the water upright and nothing seems to happen at first. However, soon the area of the seahorse that most humans would recognize as a chest seems to swell. Then, a birth canal opens up and a lot of tiny seahorses seem to flow out of the birth canal, seemingly getting swept up by the water in the process. The tiny seahorses look like tendrils, but it is still clear what they are. The adult seahorse seems to barely react to the birthing process, possibly due to different emotional standards and possibly due to the fact that the process seems so natural and perfunctory to a creature like this

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