Injured Mastiff Saved and Pampered


Anyone can get in trouble or be in an accident at some point or another. Sometimes the issue can be a tad too risky and scary, and people on the job like Hope for Paws and the L.A. Fire Department have to come to the rescue. As for this video, the story goes that a mastiff got stranded near the L.A. river, and a family got really stressed. This dog was blocked between bodies of water and two high walls.
They called the two institutions and they headed towards the river to help out. The dog ran with an injured leg, and the team had to use a tightening rope to get the dog. A rope on the muzzle, and one on the neck, and the dog was soon calmed. A nice cast with signatures and messages was put on the dog, just like what happens to many people with injured limbs. Soon enough, the dog went back to her family. Another injured dog with a happy ending.

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