Kind Doctor Welcomes Babies He Delivers At Birth With The Happy Birthday Song


Babies are precious additions to any family and bring so much joy, much love and many smiles to the family members. This is a big new world for them to now adapt to and there are so many new faces to meet and greet. The doctor who delivers these babies at birth is the first face they see and he welcomes them into the world with a lovely “Happy Birthday” song to bless them as they enter their first day of life on earth into their new families.

This video is very heart warming, sensitive, nice to watch, and shows the soft side of the doctor. The doctor sings “Happy Birthday” to every newborn baby, not just some. He does not just choose to sing to some and ignore the rest. He has a tender compassion for the babies and really likes his job as is plainly visible when he kindly and joyfully sings to the babies. Be sure to watch this tender, emotion-stirring video now.

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