Kindness Towards a Brave Little Girl


Kindness Towards a Brave Little Girl
It’s not every day you encounter kindness. Still, there are kind people in the world who restore hope to those in need. A young girl, Lexi Brown, was suffering from cancer and was admitted at the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.
She was suffering from sarcoma and the cancer had affected her lungs. In addition, she was assigned a room that faced a frat house.

The 12-year-old put a sign on her window requesting for pizza delivery. Little did she know that such a request could materialise. The request touched the members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house who decided to bring pizza, a guitar and roses to the California hospital.
The group of about 20 frat members played music for Lexi and her mom, Lisa. This was the beginning of a friendship between Lexi and the fraternity. Their kindness did not end with the pizza visit, they also organised for interesting visits for Lexi. She got visits from the UCLA football team, women’s tennis team, among others.
In addition, the frat brothers continued to pay her a visit. They came to her hospital bed to play cards, bring gifts such as stuffed animals, and sometimes just to sit and talk.
The regular and touching visits even made the hospital to break its routine visiting hours in order to allow the guests to stay with Lexi late into the night.
The bond resulted in more and more touching moments. Another highlight came on one of the nights on the SAE brother’s house. It was usual for the frat brothers to decorate the frat house each holiday. On the year they formed a bond with Lexi, they put her name in lights on their house. They further made the lights purple to match her beloved colour. They even added a flashing heart to the decoration for her.
Lexi was so happy and felt honoured due to the attention and love. Afterwards, she left the hospital and went to recover from home. Still, the brothers continued to hang the lights during the holiday. They incorporated Lexi and her mother as members of the frat and contribute towards her medical bills.
The frat brothers’ kindness is something admirable and so is the brave little girl.

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