Leopard Takes Care of Baby Baboon


Animals do some cute things but nothing beat this interaction between this leopard and a baby baboon. Many people would think that there would be trouble here but instead these animals show everyone what friendship is really about.
At first the leopard is seen carrying the baboon who was just worn and viewers are certain that it is going to be eaten. That does not happen at all. The leopard takes the baboon and cuddles with it instead. The leopard even scares aware another predictor that would have liked the baboon as a snack. As the little money climbs along the leopard follows it in a protective manner. The leopard even cleans the baboon when it gets dirty.
As the little baboon climbs all around the leopard follows it around like a protective baby sitter. When the baboon gets too high the leopard picks it up gently and moves it to a safe location. The leopard and baby baboon interaction will show that even dangerous animals have a soft side for little ones.

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