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We all seem to face many challenges that surely face us in this life. However, how we decide on being able to find truly effective solutions to deal with and remedy these challenges is what is truly amazing.

There have been many heart-warming and life-altering stories that have come to us in the past, which have inspired us; such as John “Tiny” who was able to lose up to two hundred and sixty pounds and who shared his incredible message with the world. But there seems to be something extra special and that is not able to compare to other stories in relation to the transformation that you are going to witness here about a life-changing 243 pounds event.

At the age of fifty two, a woman from Farmers Branch in Texas by the name of Clara Williams became inspired to lose her excess weight and take charge of her life once again.

She told the folks at Yahoo Health that the larger she became, the more she experienced various pains in her body. She declared that being overweight was really a vicious cycle for her and was something that she did not want to experience anymore. The more pain that she suffered, the less she was able to move, which also increased her weight and size ever more, which was way too cumbersome for her to deal with any longer.

Because of receiving great support from her TOPS Club Inc., which is a wonderful network to help people lose their excess and unwanted weight, Williams is very happy to have regained much vitality, along with a newfound and spirited outlook on life.

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Clara Williams had been struggling with her weight issues for the duration of her entire life. She suffered truly especially when she weighed up to four hundred and twenty pounds just a few years back.


But upon the birth of her dear and precious grandson, Isaac, she was propelled to move forward to lose the weight that she wanted to shed so badly. So she immediately joined TOPS, which stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. This is a support group for weight loss that is non profit. This truly bolstered a major change in her life.


She did not confine herself to following a strict diet. The program’s weekly weigh-ins and contests are the main factors that kept her motivated and encouraged. During her lunch breaks, she was sure to get a good walk in. She also was an avid follower of Leslie Sansone’s walk-at-home tapes.

Williams told Yahoo Health in an interview that the group truly gave her the much needed support, which was the key factor to her success in the process of losing so much weight. This saved her life in so many ways, she believes.


Clara Williams, who is five feet and ten inches tall, has managed to lose an astonishing two hundred and forty three pounds and now feels much better at her weight of one hundred and eighty three pounds. As she realizes how large she once was, she is mortified; but she is happy with the outcome of her transformation that she achieve through much hard work and determination.


It was even very difficult for her to be able to get up off the couch alone or with a baby in her arms. She had had enough of being sick and tired all the time. So she mustered up the courage to fight to get her weight off to be able to live life to the fullest.


NowClara Williams takes in a lot of healthy proteins, which include salmon and chicken. She loves to snack on fruit such as avocado and she eats a lot of yogurt. She does restrict her intake of junk food, but will have a small serving to treat herself once in a while.

Because she has lost so much weight, her health has majorly improved, which has resulted in her being able to do away with many of her medications that she had to take formerly on a regular basis for diabetes and high blood pressure. She has experienced a great diminishing of pain in her back and joints. And she loves the fact that she is able to play with her grandson for hours at a time now.

She tells others that they should not put off what they want to do, because she is a living testimony that they can get the results that they wantif they are committed to their goal.


Her transformation and encouragement touch many deeply. What people can take away from her story is that change can be a good thing and has great rewards ahead.

Yes, some decisions that we make can certainly be very positive for our lives to make them better and can provide us with a brighter future.

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