Little Baby Girl Iman Shumpart Delivered in The Bathroom


Today, water birth is becoming more and more popular method of easy labor at home. Without any doubt, this way of giving the birth to the child is associated primarily with great comfort and mobility.
The video introduces a star basketball player who has been present by the birth of his daughter in the bathroom after the ambulance late for 5 minutes. The man was actively involved into the water labor of his daughter together with his wife. The labor came successful, though the baby came a month before the term.
The case with water labor was reported to the news and became known throughout the USA. The co-players of Cavs congratulated Iman on having a baby girl. They put out that work was extremely desirable for him, but now he was doing more essential things in life. The baby and its mother were doing well, and Instagram touching picture of the tattooed basketball player with a baby on his chest has been flied around the whole world.

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