Love Works Miracles Across All Boundaries


Love knows no limits. Kindness encopasses all species. A heartwarming scene between a caregiver and a neglected rescue farm animal at the HofButenland Farm Animal Sanctuary shows the kindness that helps heal these creatures along with good food, medical care, and clean, healthy living conditions. The Sanctuary is a rescue for farm animals who have been subjected to abuse, neglect, and exploitation – many of them since birth. They have been saved from certain death at the slaughterhouse or a more horrific, lingering death at the hands of the “farmers”, those who should be caring for them but instead see them as items rather than living creatures. The HofButenland Sanctuary cares for these sweet creatures, nursing them back to health, and provides them with a safe environment and lots of TLC. Under the care of these wonderful people the animals learn to trust people again. They no longer live in fear or pain.

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